SOFIA, 2014

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Competition Shipka 6

The competition entry offers a complete rearrangement of spaces and entrances on the ground level.  The main entrance is located in the middle of the street front and leads to a grand multipurpose-foyer connected vertically to the central core. Spanning the full depth of the lot, the foyer opens into an intimate southern court with a café. The foyer can be united with the meeting hall and thus connected to the side shopping street allowing for a maximum activity and usage of the ground floor as an urban space.

The new exhibit spaces are closed with solid walls to eliminate side day lighting. A modern adjustable artificial lighting system is provided. Natural light penetrates vertically via the roof skylight through the glazed floor of the upper atrium down to the ground floor foyer.

In respect to the spatial and temporal context the new façade echoes the present one in its white color; its scale and compositional structure. A combination of solid and glazed elements, structured by the matrix of new ribs, the new Shipka 6 façade interacts with the surrounding context and emits a clear statement about the new spatial and functional structure of the building.

Ivo Panteleev, Radomira Metodieva,  Kalin Blagov, Iliya Hristov, Stoyan Mirlev